The Ant Yapi Way & Supply Chain

Ant Yapi (UK) Limited is driven to do things differently, to challenge the status quo and to increase productivity in a mature market where resources are sometimes scarce.

We practice a philosophy of Back to Building, focussing on getting the job done with the best quality, we are not a general construction management contractor. We maintain control over as many aspects of the supply chain, we engage directly with labour and extend our existing supply chain to the UK. With direct control we have flexibility to react and accommodate some of the unpredictability that is inherent in our industry, enhancing productivity, solving problems and maintaining a firm hand on quality.

A strong attribute that we bring to the UK is our existing supply chain and our long standing relationships with key suppliers, specialist sub-contractors, designers and a very strong 3D / BIM design capability. These long standing relationships allow us to extend the flexible approach to problem solving through our entire supply chain.

Within this supply chain we can rely on specialists for joinery, marble, mechanical & electrical and our curtain wall specialist is an expert in their field. We will extend product and specialist warranties where applicable. These relationships have been established for many years and contribute to our success as a “family”. We achieve cost competitiveness by repeat business and close working relationships with the supply chain. Our approach to the UK is the same as the other countries where we work and that is to utilise the high quality skills and lower cost base of our established supply chain and then bring materials and finished products into the UK where they will be stored at our warehouse in West London awaiting delivery to site.

We are able to provide on-demand performance guarantee, professional indemnity insurance, and all other necessary insurances and guarantees to ensure market and customer compliance. We are also happy to extend to you a parent company guarantee.

Ant Yapi (UK) Limited will operate the site following the good practice of the Considerate Constructors Scheme and in liaison with the City of Westminster and neighbours.