Health , Safety & Environment

Ant Yapi UK Limited is committed to health and safety in all that we do Nothing is more important to us than ensuring everyone returns home safely.

At Ant Yapi UK LIMITED we believe that our long-term success is dependent upon the ability to keep our workforce, business partners, suppliers, subcontractors, members of the public and the environment safe.

Our commitment:

· Position people, environment, and sustainability at the heart of what we do. From the design process to final handover, we constantly strive to design out risk, identify risk and react to risk.

· Treat health like safety, this includes mental health, we constantly engage with our workforce to ensure the very best support for mental health

How we will achieve this:

·Engaging with our stakeholders. We will engage with clients, suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure that all parties are aligned to the Ant Yapi UK Limited values

·Build trust and transparency with our stakeholders. Build a culture where it is acceptable for everyone to have a voice that is heard and any where any feedback is taken as a constructive means of learning.

·Using smart technology. Making it easy to report incidents, generate reports and inspections to encourage accurate and timely resolutions. Using 3D modelling to help plan for safety.

·Campaign. Run regular campaigns highlighting lessons learned, industry topical issues and mental health, encouraging everyone to be involved.

·Dedicated team. Our dedicated team of health safety and environment professionals will mentor and drive change.