13 Eaton Place

The 13 Eaton Place project includes demolition of a mews while retaining the façade, the construction of a basement to join the mews under the town house, structural alterations and the construction of a lift shaft through the five levels of the town house. The envelope and windows will be renovated in keeping with the heritage and planning requirements and the full rebuilding of the mews, restoration, new constructions and fitting out to create high end dwellings.

BBay (Eaton Place) Ltd are the Client for this project for the property that is managed within the constraints of being on the Grosvenor Estate.

The 13 Eaton Place project is relatively small but has great relevance for Harcourt House; Ant Yapi are constructing a basement under an existing property, are restoring historic and protected features, replacing the roof and fitting out the building to provide high end residential accommodation.